College Knowledge

College Knowledge

Books Are Expensive!

In high school, most books were provided for free, but in college, students are expected to purchase all of their own books. This is a big expense that is often left out of the budget, so use your resources to find the best prices. 


One of the first new experiences in college is often related to having a roommate.  Some roommates become life-long friends, but this is not always the case.  Make sure that "you" are a good roommate too.   

Go To Class

This seems like a simple idea, but many new students have so much "fun" that they spend more time at parties then in class.  If you do not go to class, you will be going home sooner than you think.    

Study, Study, Study

Your education is your responsibility, so go to class, do your homework, make time to study, meet with your professor, and do your best.  The smartest students realize that success in college requires an investment in time.  Make time to study - think of your classes as your job and work hard to be successful. 


Spend your money wisely.  Create a budget and stick to it.  Do not apply for unnecessary credit cards.  If you do take your car, be prepared to pay for parking, gas, and regular maintenance.  These helpful hints can save you a lot of cash!   

Your Health

The "Freshman 15" may become your reality unless you watch what you eat (and drink)  and stay active.  It's ok to eat pizza once in awhile, but it shouldn't be an everyday thing. Remember to eat your veggies and to find a way to exercise each day.