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College Prep Tips For Teens

Discover some of What Matters Most in college prep for teens.

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Can you and your family afford college? Financial Aid is available for most students.

Admissions Tests

How much do you know about the SAT and ACT?  Admissions Tests are an important part of the admissions puzzle.

College Knowledge

What does it take to succeed in college?  Getting in is only a part of the equation of college success.

College Q & A

What should you expect once you're a college student?  

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Schedule an Individual Consultation

College preparation and planning is a unique process for each student. Talk to us one-on-one.

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A+ College Prep offers group workshops and "customized" seminars. Click below to schedule. 

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 The "A+ College Prep Planner“ is a comprehensive college admissions planning guide for your whole family. Click below to order. 

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Get the Scholar Dollars Booklet

”Scholar Dollars” is an educational supplement  which Focuses on the Cost Of Attendence (COA). It features over 85 unique scholarships.


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