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 What's in the A+College Prep Planner?

Part I - Understanding the Basics “Understanding The Basics” introduces high school students and parents to concepts that are important to college-bound students and their parents.  The primary focus is on class selection, high school curriculum, and extracurricular activities. 

Part II - High School Year By Year 
“High School – Year by Year” is divided into 4 smaller sections which represent each year of high school.  Each year, Freshman year, Sophomore year, Junior year, and Senior year, has its own goal sheet, and “Things to Do” check-off sheet to help keep you focused and on track during each school year.   

Part III - College, What's It All About?   This section describes what a typical college or university has to offer.  It also describes some of the differences in expectations (socially and academically) between high school and college.  Finally, students will be given advice on how to choose the school that best fits their personal style and needs. 

Part IV - College Admissions 101      When it’s time to start actively searching for a school, applying for scholarships, and making contact, this is the place to find the details.  This “How To” section provides information on how to finalize your college choices and how to complete the application process.

Part V - College Prep Glossary
Part 5 is the College Prep Glossary.  It contains a number of college-related terms and definitions.

Part VI - Handy Dandy Help
Part 6 is the “Handy Dandy Help” Section.  All of the sample letters, templates, and forms, as well as informational links to other resources, are in this section.  

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